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The Reverend Tim McDonald


The Reverend Tim McDonald

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Tim was born in Arizona where he enjoyed the outdoors. He enjoyed horseback riding in the desert with his family and waterskiing on the many surrounding lakes of Phoenix. Eventually, he moved to San Diego where he went to high school and attended San Diego State University earning BA degree in Communications from San Diego State University and a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior from University of San Francisco.

As an Executive in Human Resources, he has worked for such corporate stables including, Price Waterhouse in San Diego and London, Pepsi Cola in Irvine ca, Paramount Pictures - Hollywood, M-TV New York City, Spelling Entertainment and Sony Pictures located in Culver City Ca.

In the early 90’s, Tim was given a sabbatical from Paramount Pictures to work for AIDS Project Los Angeles at Cedar Sinai Hospital, as a hospice worker. Tim believes that through his service, he became closer to God by helping those who were chastised and held hostage from this deadly disease. He recalls learning a life lesson that we should never be bullied into silence and never allow ourselves to be made a victim. More importantly, we should not accept someone else’s definition of our life; we should define ourselves.

Tim retired in 2011 with his husband Bob to Cloverdale. They have been together in a loving relationship for over 18 years. They were married (2013) at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd located in Cloverdale. In addition to his service with the church, Tim has been a leader in the community serving as Chairman of the Board for Alexander Valley Healthcare, Executive Board for the Boys and Girls Clubs of central Sonoma County and a Board member of Wallace House.

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