Clergy / Mission Committee

Mission Committee Senior Warden

Gene Marcinkowski

Gene leads the Mission Committee, the governing body for the parish.  He and his wife Carolyn were raised Catholic, and were very involved in their in church in Sonoma, raising five children in the Catholic tradition. He served as President of the Parish Council (equivalent to our Senior warden position) a became the first lay Eucharistic minister after Vatican II and held other positions. They moved to Cloverdale in 2000 and visited Good Shepherd one Sunday "just to see the historic building" we were so welcomed by the parishioners and Father Ray Maloney, that approximately two months later they joined. The congregation was very small and mostly older than them. He saw many needs in the church and volunteered to help and was immediately accepted. For the next few years Gene held the positions of Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer,  musician (installed Synthia after losing our organist) helped Father Ray distribute Communion.

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