Sermon Summaries

July 10, 2016

From Sunday’s Gospel

Corporate works of mercy—
Feeding the Hungry
Giving drink to the thirsty
Clothing the naked
Harboring the stranger
Visiting the sick
Ministering to prisoners
Burying the dead

Spiritual works of mercy—

Converting the sinner
Instructing the ignorant
Counseling the doubtful
Comforting the sorrowful
Bearing wrongs patiently
Forgiving injuries
Praying for the living and the dead


August 23, 2015

Our scripture lessons today remind us of how God abides close to us in a special way in our worship. Soloman was sure God’s presence was in the temple he built and we are sure that Christ’s presence is in the bread and wine of communion. God with us - Emmanuel. Our Ephesians lesson reminds us that the armor of God - breastplate, shield, helmet, belt and sword is our protection. In all cases God is with us. He is our protection and our life. We can depend on it.



May 10, 2015

"Chapters 10 and 11 of the Acts of the Apostles tells the story of St. Peter’s change of heart to let Gentiles and not just Jews be baptized into the new Christian community. He was finally convinced because the Holy Spirit fell on a group he was preaching to about Jesus, and because of a vision about what was OK to eat in spite of some traditional “Kosher” rules.
The lesson, of course, is that the Holy Spirit “blows where it wills” in our lives and we may miss the experience if we stick too stubbornly to our rules. “Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church."



April 19, 2015

"The other side of the joy of Easter, and the great gift of eternal life which the resurrection made possible, is the fact that our sins, our weaknesses as humans made such a sacrifice necessary.

Our response to this great gift of forgiveness and mercy must be a continuing awareness of our sins, and a continuing striving to be worthy.

The Peace which God promises is made fully manifest only when we accept our weaknesses and give ourselves to God
for forgiveness and salvation.

Then the joy of Easter is complete!"


Easter Sunday Message, April 5, 2015

"On this Easter morning we are surrounded by a myriad of gifts  - from the welcome rain, to family, to this free country we live in, to this church where we gather to worship. 

The greatest gift, however, is the gift from God, which is the culmination of a centuries-old plan of salvation that we know of as outlined in our Bible - from creation, through the Passover, through the prophets, the expectation of a Messiah and finally the reality of Jesus the Christ.

His offering of his life is the great gift and his resurrection is the great promise of God’s plan of salvation, because it means we will be resurrected, too, and like the two thieves crucified with Christ, we will be with him in paradise.

Our part is so simple – all we have to do is express our thanks and do the best we can to share the gift of life we have been given. Alleluia, Christ is Risen! He is risen, indeed, Alleluia!"


March 22, 2015

"While many people have special gifts involving skills and insights and sometimes unusual abilities for all of us to enjoy, all of us have the most special gift from God - the Holy Spirit.
This indwelling of the spirit was forecast by Jeremiah in Sunday’s OT lesson - “I will write it on their hearts”. And it is this spirit which is so strongly demonstrated by Jesus who lived and died “in the spirit”.
One of the mysteries is that our trust is needed to completely experience the grace of the spirit. To receive the small gifts and the big one we need to be open to God’s call, as Jesus always was. He was obedient even to his death.
And that trust is always rewarded as it was for Jesus. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain. But if it does it bears much fruit.” That was Jesus’s gift to us. That is the Good News."
-Fr. Ed Howell