January 2019   
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Bishop's Committee Senior Warden

Candi Bialon

Candi was elected to the Bishop’s Committee in 2015, and became Senior Warden in 2016. She also serves on the Altar Guild, and is an administrator of our Good Shpeherd website and Facebook pages. She is active in Total Ministry, and is on the Total Ministry Development Team. Since moving to Cloverdale in 2012, Candi has volunteered for several community organizations, including the Cloverdale Arts Alliance, the Food Pantry, and the Senior Center.

Bishop's Committee Junior Warden

Christine Lathrop

Christine is a retired executive from the broadcast and television industry. She moved to Cloverdale in 1998 and has since become active in many activities within the Clover Springs Community as well as the Cloverdale civic organizations including the Arts Alliance and Cloverdale Performing Arts Center.  She was elected to the Vestry in 2016 and is active in the music ministry.

Bishop's Committee Clerk

Gary Keleher

Gary is a retired corporate attorney who relocated to Cloverdale from Los Angeles and joined Good Shepherd in 2013.  In addition to his duties as Clerk, he is active in the church’s music ministry and several outreach programs, including the Food Pantry and the Sonoma County Sustainable Food Program.  In the greater Cloverdale community Gary devotes his time to a number of civic organizations, including the Arts Alliance and the CARE Foundation.

Bishop's Committee Treasurer

Bob Scott

Bob is a retired CPA who is performing the bookkeeping and is the Treasurer for the parish. A life-long Episcopalian, Bob was raised in Southern California and moved permanently to Cloverdale in 2011 with his husband Tim McDonald.  He is a member of the Good Shepherd Chorale and is also the Treasurer/accountant for the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center and accountant for the Cloverdale Historical Society.

Bishop's Committee Member

Marshall Kelly

Bishop's Committee Member

Christel Longo

Bishop's Committee Member

Debbie Williams

Debbie is a Retired Critical Care RN. She and her late husband, Skip, moved to Cloverdale in 2000, and joined Good Shepherd church in 2003. She has been active in several areas of Outreach and Pastoral Care Ministries here at Good Shepherd. She is also active in the Community at large, presently serving as President of the Garden Club and Volunteers at Healdsburg Hospital. Debbie was elected to the Bishop's Committee this year (2017).

Bishop's Committe Member

Diana Perkins

Diana is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Career Counselor and Social Worker.  She and her husband, Bill moved to Cloverdale in 2014.  Diana will be the editor of the Good Shepherd Newsletter this Spring and serves on the CommunicationTeam.  She is an active member of the Cloverdale American Legion and the Women Veterans Group in Santa Rosa. Diana was elected to the Bishop’s Committee this year (2018).